Since graduating from Queensland College of Art (Griffith University) in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Interdisciplinary Print Media, I have continued to develop my practice in relief printmaking. Through my creative practice I am interested in exploring identity and finding ways of connecting with the different threads of my Papua New Guinean, European and Torres Strait Islander heritage. The carving techniques and storytelling aesthetics of Torres Strait Islander and Papua New Guinean culture combined with the Western influences of my upbringing converge in my emergent practice as I explore and grow my own story.

Inspired by my immediate environment of Brisbane, my practice focuses on minute areas of native flora and from these observations I create a diverse range of organic patterns and forms. Influenced by nature in its smallest form, my work brings into focus these minute aspects of the natural environment that often go unnoticed. The relationship I have with the process of carving corresponds to the strength and fluidity of my natural environment, the constant randomness that arises from the directions in which I carve allows newly discovered forms to grow. There is an importance in the connection between the artistic process and myself as the medium, as it allows a new dialogue to come into play. As a landscape artist, I harness my inquisitiveness for the natural environment to delve deeper into other topographies that I encounter. Relief print carving is not simply used as a tool for visualising these environments but rather, as a way of capturing my visceral impressions of place.

Being shortlisted and exhibited as part of NATSIAA 2018 provided a significant platform to present my work as an emerging artist. It has contributed to new opportunities, including being represented by Onespace Gallery, invited to participate in Blaklash’s Shared Connections (Brisbane City Council) and ARTNOW FNQ 2019, and an Australia Council grant recipient for the creation of a new collaborative work with Torres Strait Islander printmaker, Brian Robinson.

ospace portrait final
Photo: Louis Lim. Courtesy of Onespace Gallery.